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Cutting the cord: How much streaming services save you

Posted at 5:46 PM, Nov 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-13 23:18:35-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Disney+, AppleTV, Hulu, Netflix...

It's become a sea of streaming services -- all after your eyeballs and your wallets.

So is now the time to embrace the next generation of watching TV? We're breaking down the numbers for you.

Stuart Timpa's family cut the cable cord six years ago.

"We were saving so much money. We went from paying $100 down to just having Netflix, [which] would just cost us about $8."

Now they have YouTubeTV and Netflix, plus Hulu which they get for free thru their cell service provider, bringing their monthly streaming cost to $63 a month -- cheaper than their previous cable bill.

"We just really like the services. You know, you get all kinds of sports channels and news channels. We don't really miss anything."

Most streaming plans are less than half of a basic cable bill -- which runs between $25 to $60 -- depending on who your provider is and what other options are tacked on.

Hulu costs around $6 a month with ads.

You'll pay about $13 a month for a high definition Netflix plan.

Amazon Prime Video comes with your membership for $13 a month.

New this November, Disney+ is $7 monthly while AppleTV costs $5 a month.

But what if you want sports? Or to watch Game of Thrones? That could end up costing you more.

For example, say you want Hulu, ESPN, Disney+, Netflix and HBO. That brings your monthly cost to $45.95 a month.

That could be more expensive or cheaper than your cable bill depending on what you have.

But there's a way to save. You can bundle Hulu, ESPN and Disney+ for a total of $12.99 a month, bringing your cost down to $40.97 if you include Netflix and HBO too.

You also have to factor in internet costs to your bill.

These can run from less than $40 to close to $100 a month, depending on the strength of your WiFi.

So how are cable companies competing?

According to Consumer Reports, cable companies are coming up with less expensive, stripped-down plans to compete with cable-replacement streaming services.

For example, Cox has a plan that costs around $35 per month -- a price more in line with many streaming plans.

DirectTV also offers streaming and mobile viewing with specialty packages like NFL Sunday ticket.