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Crowds take over Mount Charleston

Posted at 11:35 PM, Jan 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-18 22:18:56-05
It was another packed day for people headed up to the Mount Charleston area, Monday. 
According to NHP, just before noon they shut down Lee Canyon Highway at the foxtail roundabout due to limited parking and congestion. 
"They're parking anywhere they can try to squeeze their cars into and their not completely off the roadway," said Senior Sgt. Thomas Higgins with the Nevada Highway Patrol. 
Over the weekend, NHP cited more than 70 people a day for illegal parking. They said by the end of Monday, only around 20 people were cited. 
"The main reason for that is for emergency vehicles to get up here," Sgt. Higgins said. "These are the two highest risks areas for sledding and skiing at the resorts."
NHP also had to pull up to 20 cars out of the snow, causing back ups for drivers. 
"There was heavy traffic coming up and a car stuck in the snow, so, no body could get up," said Las Vegas resident Elizabeth Coburn. 
NHP had four people on patrol instead of the 8 they had during the weekend. 
They want to remind people to drive carefully, get up the mountain early and pick up your trash.