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Crook steals daugher's ashes from gym locker

Posted at 8:40 PM, Jul 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-07 09:43:36-04

It's the one thing Jennifer Harris can't do without. Her daughter Taylor, just 19, took her own life more than two years ago. Harris kept Taylor's ashes with her as a constant reminder of her precious daughter.

"I did have an emerald heart pendant filled with her ashes. Her name was engraved on the back," Harris said. "It's priceless."

Last week, Harris went to an EOS gym near Centennial and Aliante parkways.

She took off her pendant and placed it in her locker.

"I just started to take it off to run on the treadmill," Harris said. "I went back into the locker room, my lock was gone!"

She opened that locker. "My backpack was there and they took my purse," Harris said. Her pendant with her daughter's ashes was gone. "I just started crying. I just started crying." 

She told management and filed a police report. "I really think they have no idea of what they have," she said.

Harris isn't angry, just deeply wounded, hoping someone brings back one of the last, bittersweet mementos of her daughter. "I’m devastated. Please just bring back my daughter's ashes. No questions asked," Harris said.

Harris does not blame the gym. 13 Action News asked EOS for comment. They declined.

Harris said she does not want to press charges against the thief, but she said she will if she doesn't get back her daughter's ashes