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Crooks steal ashes of cremated baby girl

Posted at 9:13 PM, Jun 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-01 03:34:55-04

It’s a heartless crime. Crooks break into a storage unit and steal the ashes of a newborn girl, who died just one day after she was born. It’s practically the only thing Miqueisha White had to remind her of her precious little daughter.

Mere words cannot express Whites's sorrow. "I'm very saddened actually," White said. "It's definitely a grieving process."

Last Dec. 17,  White gave birth to little Anaiziyah. Born three months premature, Anaiziyah measured only 10-and-a-half inches long and weighed only 8 ounces. Doctors told white, her daughter would live long. The next day she was gone. "She ended up passing away," White said.

White placed Anaizyah's ashes in an urn and kept them at Public Storage on E. Tropicana Ave. "I thought my stuff would be safe in here," White said.

Last Friday she got a call that made her heart sink. "My storage ended up getting broken into," White said. 

White opened her storage unit “I looked in here everything was ransacked. My stuff was all over the floor everywhere."

She discovered the unthinkable. "My daughter's box was missing," White said.

Crooks callously stole the ashes of her precious little girl.

"I'm very hurt because it's. It's sick. What would you want with a little girl's ashes? That's the only thing I have of her."

Thirteen Action News tried to ask Public Storage how could this happen, but a worker told us to leave.

White wants to know if she’ll ever get back the only physical reminder of her little baby who only lived one day. "I'll never be at peace because of that. That's really all I want back," white said.

White is not blaming Public Storage. Thirteen Action News called Public Storage’s corporate headquarters. We are waiting for an answer.