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UPDATE: Man who shot wife says they were having sex, not fighting

Posted at 12:11 PM, Nov 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-17 17:01:02-05

UPDATE NOV. 17: The man who shot his wife on Thursday told police that they were having sex at the time, not fighting. But, he says he thought his wife was going to shoot him. 

John Gonzalez told police that he and his wife, Nicole Nguyen, had a rocky relationship and he had moved out in September, according to the arrest report.

But, his wife had invited him to the house the day of the shooting.

Gonzalez says he brought 2 guns with him because his wife had also mentioned "guy friends" and he was concerned that there might be trouble.

When he arrived at the home, he got out of his vehicle with a box of toys in one hand for the couple's son and a gun in his other.

His son was waiting in the driveway and his wife was sitting in a vehicle. He told his son to go inside and then got into the vehicle.

Gonzalez says that the discussion led to sex. During that time, he put his gun on the floor of the vehicle on the driver side.

After they couple had intercourse, he went inside the house briefly to visit his son. When he returned to the garage, he and his wife became intimate again.

It was during that time that Gonzalez claims he saw his wife reaching for his gun. He also said he was convinced that his wife was going to kill him. So, he grabbed the gun and pulled the trigger.

His wife reportedly called 911 and they gave him instructions on how to perform CPR.

Gonzalez insisted to police detectives that he and his wife were going to reconcile and that they had an appointment to meet with her attorney to cancel divorce proceedings. He claimed he had the gun with him in case someone else came into the garage.

Detectives found his excuse for having the gun and keeping it by him during sex implausible. They also did not believe that his wife had reached for the gun because of her position in the vehicle.

Gonzalez was arrested for open murder with a deadly weapon. 

ORIGINAL STORY: A woman is dead after she was shot during an altercation with her husband on Thursday.

Police say the incident happened around 7:52 a.m. at the 900 block of College Green Street, near South El Capitan Way and West Pebble Road. The woman was taken to the hospital after the shooting. She was pronounced dead by medical personnel.

The husband has been detained and is being questioned, but has not been arrested.

Las Vegas police are investigating the case.