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Former Assistance League volunteer arrested for stalking ex-coworkers

Posted at 2:46 PM, Jan 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-08 12:33:10-05

Minor disputes can occur at the workplace but in this very extreme case, a woman is in jail due to her actions.

Four former coworkers of Frances Stringfellow-Bracy spoke with police officers on Jan. 2 about Stringfellow-Bracy's constant threats. The four employees worked at the Assistance League of Las Vegas, where Stringfellow-Bracy was a volunteer. They said two months ago Stringfellow-Bracy was suspended and then subsequently terminated due to her verbal abuse of employees and volunteers.

The four victims said the problems really got out of hand after Stringfellow-Bracy left the Assistance League. Francis had used her position as a volunteer to access the employee's phone numbers and home addresses, which she later used to threaten them. The weeks following her departure saw Stringfellow-Bracy growing more aggressive and hostile. The threats became violent in nature and more frequent. Officers advised Stringfellow-Bracy to discontinue communication with her former employees but she did not heed their warning.

The four employees felt that Stringfellow-Bracy would show up to their homes or to their job and cause physical harm to them or their families. The Assistance League of Las Vegas went as far as to hire security to patrol their grounds.

Due to these concerns, detectives arrested Stringfellow-Bracy while she was attending "First Tuesday" at North East Area Command. She was charged with four counts of aggravated stalking.