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Woman arrested at Las Vegas bank after homeless man allegedly kidnapped, forced to withdraw money

Posted at 11:09 AM, Jun 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-07 14:48:59-04

A woman was arrested at a Las Vegas bank last weekend after a homeless man told an employee that he was being held against his will. 

On June 2, Wanda Thomas was taken into custody at the Bank of America, located at 920 N. Martin Luther King Boulevard in Las Vegas. 

According to Thomas' arrest report, the man told police about a week before the incident he was homeless and made an acquaintance of Thomas, who told the man he could stay with her at her residence. 

The man told police once at the apartment, Thomas and her roommate ordered him to strip his clothing and was kept in a bathroom tub at the apartment. 

Throughout the week, the man told police Thomas and her roommate demanded him to give them his bank PIN. He gave them a fake PIN several times. But when the women tried to use the PIN and they received a failed notice, the man said they would threaten to kill him and put a knife up against his throat. The roommate also told the man she had a gun. 

On May 31, the man went with Thomas to the Bank of America downtown where Thomas wanted him to withdraw $2,000. When she failed to withdraw the money, the man told police the roommate punched him in the ribs once they were back at the apartment. Thomas later found out there was little to no money in his account. 

The man told police he was also purposely not given food during his time at the apartment and only given three glasses of water. He also added that Thomas said, if the "money doesn't go through, you won't have to worry about eating, cause we gonna kill you."

On June 2, Pierce was awakened by Thomas with a knife to his throat and said they were going to the bank. 

A bank employee told police that the man and Thomas were trying to get a new card for the man and to get a new PIN for it. But the employee said once Thomas learned that the man had checks mailed to him and he didn't have any money in his account, Thomas wanted to leave in a hurry. That's when the man told the bank employee that he was being held against his will and police were called.

After her arrest, Thomas told police that the kidnapped man had helped her when she was homeless. When she saw him on the street, she told him he could stay in her apartment. He had told her that he had been kicked out of his apartment. 

Thomas denied any arrangements monetarily or sexual between herself, the roommate and the man. She also denied making any threats or holding the man against his will. 

Police later found a pistol in Thomas' apartment along with the man's items. Police also found a knife inside Thomas' purse along with banking paperwork belonging to the kidnapped man. 

Thomas was arrested on a charge of first-degree kidnapping where the victim is an older person, extortion and burglary.