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Vehicles and trash cans randomly set on fire in Las Vegas neighborhood

Posted at 12:11 AM, Jul 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-18 09:39:26-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNVI) — People living in a neighborhood near Fort Apache Road and Twain Avenue woke up to find vehicles and trash cans torched outside their homes.

Harvey Stein said his future son-in-law’s truck parked outside his home was burnt to a crisp in the dark early morning hours last week. The metal frame, plastic parts and the seats were all incinerated. It was one of two vehicles on the same street that were randomly set on fire. The noise woke up Stein and his family.

“I hear a large what sounded like an explosion and I came out to see this truck engulfed in flames,” said Stein. “The flames were reaching the tree!”

He worried the fire would spread from the truck to this tree and then to his home where his wife, who is disabled, would not be able to get out in time but fire crews responded quickly.

"It turns out that they had responded to a garbage can fire down the block,” Stein said.” And then they saw this one and I'm sorry to say the neighbor’s car was also set on fire."

The neighbor’s car was also damaged beyond repair. Stein said he has lived in the neighborhood for decades and it's normally safe and quiet.

13 Action News looked up the crime map of the area which showed the report of the torched vehicles listed as malicious destruction of property. It also showed one reported burglary and a recovered stolen vehicle in the area.

"You know it just surprised me that people do these things," said Stein.

Neighbors said they have contacted police and believe at least one possibly two kids are responsible.

"We don’t know if jail is the answer, but definitely maybe some kind of psychiatric help because where does it go from here?"