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Bail set for man who escaped police custody

Posted at 6:00 PM, Apr 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-26 20:51:15-04

UPDATE: Ivan Mayoral appeared before a judge on Tuesday. A judge has granted him $100,000 bail.


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - We have new information on the what happened when a man who police say is responsible for a bizarre standoff with officers at a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department substation escaped detainment.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police just released the arrest report from Ivan Mayoral's escape earlier this month after they caught him Sunday afternoon. 
The arrest report says the officer was responding to a family disturbance involving a faded gold Nissan pickup truck. When he responded, the truck was gone, but he spotted it a little while later on Lamb Boulevard. The officer followed it, and said the person was driving erratically -- even speeding through a school zone.
Eventually Mayoral, who police later determined was the person behind the wheel, turned into an apartment complex and parked. When the officer approached and asked Mayoral to put his hands on the steering wheel, Mayoral yelled the truck belonged to a friend and wouldn't put his hands on the wheel.
Because Mayoral refused to comply to the office, the officer drew his gun and gave him another command: to close the car door and stay inside. Instead, Mayoral jumped out and took off.
He did not get far. Mayoral turned around and saw the officer closing in, then stopped "in preparation to engage me in a fight," the officer said in the report. The officer took Mayoral down, then brought him back to a substation where he was questioned. 
While in the interview room, Mayoral asked them to loosen his handcuff because he said they were hurting him because they were too tight. The officer obliged, finished the interview, and left to do paperwork. When the officer looked back at the monitor, Mayoral was gone and the cuffs were dangling.
Police didn't see him again until Sunday, as he took off running from officers and hiding in an empty home. They eventually took him into custody.