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Porch pirates strike again in Henderson days before Christmas

Posted at 12:06 AM, Dec 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-19 12:49:06-05

HENDERSON (KTNV)  — Usually it’s their distorted faces peering into the camera that lets people know they've been a porch pirate's latest target. But it was the mail carrier who broke the news to Sarah Taylor. She had two gifts --jewelry and a designer purse -- ready to be shipped Monday and waiting on the front porch.

"The mail person said the packages were not there,“ Taylor said. “He said somebody probably stole them. And I thought surely not!"

But they surely did.

“And it was actually scary to see how fast they did it,” she said. “I mean it was very quick!”

It all goes down in less than 20 seconds. You see a maroon Nissan pull up to the driveway of Taylor’s Henderson home. Soon a woman hops out of the back passenger seat and sprints up the driveway. She is taking care to hug the porch wall and is apparently aware there are cameras. She’s thinking she's out of sight.

"But what she didn't see is there was a camera over the garage,” said Taylor. “And the camera over the garage is what really picked her up."

Cameras everywhere never seem to deter the thieves.

"The dispatcher told me they were having a lot of this. They were picking them up with the Ring doorbells."

Crooks have swiped packages from the house before, but this year as Taylor prepares for a Christmas at home with her grandson, she's especially frustrated.

“I mean it's a violation of people,” she said. “I mean it's my personal space, our personal space. It scares me because we have a small child here and if they will do that what else might they do?”