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Towing trailer stolen from auto repair shop

Posted at 7:24 PM, Feb 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-11 09:41:00-05

A small auto repair ship on Flamingo and Pecos roads is out thousands of dollars after somebody stole a trailer with some equipment from the front of their shop. 

"We feel violated," says Oscar Mirabal, the owner of Oasis ExpressLube on Flamingo and Pecos.  

The trailer is normally locked up right in front of their shop, but on Monday they realized it was gone.  

Surveillance video shows a white jeep driving off the property, and Mirabal says it looks like his trailer hitched to the back of it.  

"They cut the lock," says Mirabal. "Then they drove right off the parking lot here in the front, and that's where we had the best shot in the cameras." 

Mirabal says his auto repair shop is small, and the trailer was used to tow their customers. Now they're forced to hire outside companies, but with an average of 10 tows a week, that can add up.  

"For somebody to just take your property like that, it affects you," says Mirabal. "It affects you in every way." 

Mirabal says he hopes somebody will recognize the jeep and be able to provide plate numbers. He says anybody with information can message him directly on his Facebook page.