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Teen says group attacked while walking to Walmart

Posted at 9:39 PM, Sep 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-07 00:45:47-04

A group of teens was attacked this past weekend while walking over to Walmart near Pecos Road and Tropicana Avenue.

On Saturday night, Brandi Vanetta experienced every parents worst fear.

"It breaks my heart, I was scared to death when got the phone call," she said.

Her oldest son, who we’ll call "Pepe" and his friends were at a sleepover when the teens decided to go out and grab snacks from Walmart.

That's when Pepe said a man in an older model white hatchback sped up to them. Scared, the boys scattered. And then the driver reportedly grabbed one of the teens.

When Pepe went back for his friend, he said the man told him to get on his knees and then punched him full force on the right side of his face.

It doesn't stop there. Pepe said the man threatened the boys claiming to have a gun. The suspect then hit him behind the ear with a crow bar.

That's when he said he was knocked unconscious.

The suspect made off with Pepe's watch, had him take off his shoes and even had him take off and hand him his pants.

When Pepe came back to consciousness, he said the next thing he remembers is running back with his friend through an empty dirt field.

And his mom said she is thankful to have her son home safe.

"I just want to do whatever it takes to get the guys that did this to the kids," Vanetta said.

More disturbing is that as all of his is going on, Pepe said a man and woman were videotaping it.

The suspect is described as 6 feet 4 inches tall with a tribal tattoo. He was also in the company of a man and woman who Pepe said helped instigate the beatings.