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String of deadly domestic violence incidents occurred in Las Vegas this past week

Posted at 6:56 PM, Jul 20, 2018

13 Action News is digging deeper after a string of deadly domestic incidents that occurred this week.

Four people were killed by the hands of someone they knew.

It started Friday; police say a man is facing murder after his girlfriend fell down the stairs. Hours later a Nevada corrections officer was accused of shooting a mom in the head, leaving her kids to discover her body.

On Sunday night a family fight turned deadly. Then just yesterday a local woman shot and killed a man she allegedly knew and had an order of protection against.

 Safe Nest Vice President Amber Batchelor had this to say about the recent string of domestic incidents.

"It is alarming," she said.

Why do we have such a problem in Nevada with this?

"There are so many aspects to it," she explains. "There's some who suggest we're almost an island out here."

Isolation is a tactic she says abusers use to control victims. This comes into play in violence stemming from romantic relationships.

But how do people protect themselves?

"It's a process," Batchelor says. "The most dangerous time is when you first decide to leave, and the person finds out. That's a clear-cut indicator that the perpetrator has lost the power and control."

That's why Batchelor says safety planning is critical. The plan's got to evolve each day.

She suggests people reach out to family, friends, and a hotline. Her organization has a program for abusers.