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UPDATE: Eyewitness rolls as tense standoff unfolds

Interstate 15 near St. Rose Parkway was closed
Posted at 3:01 AM, Jul 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-15 03:02:59-04

UPDATE JULY 14: 13 Action News spoke with a woman who watched what she believes was the beginning of the standoff.

Renee Lewis shot cell phone video of another standoff that unfolded earlier. It shows police surrounding a black Lincoln, fitting the description of the car police said was at the center of the standoff that police said began in the northwest and ended on Interstate 15. 

The video shows police surround a car in a parking lot near North Durango and Westcliff drives, ordering the driver to surrender. Lewis watched as that standoff unfolded in front of her.

"I heard the police say exit the car with your hands up," Lewis said. "I was thinking ‘oh my god! I need to start videoing (sic) this.’"

Lewis shared dramatic still photos, police, poised with their guns drawn. Officers focused their attention on the Lincoln that fit the description of the car on the 15.

"This is happening right now, you're witnessing this as it's happening," Lewis said.

Lewis kept rolling. Her camera went out of focus as things turned chaotic.

"I don't think it dawned on me that i needed to be frightened until it was over," Lewis said.

She quickly realized it was time take cover.

"I was thinking bullets may fly," Lewis said.

The Lincoln peeled out and took off down the street. Police chased after him. “I saw his car jump the curb and I ducked,” Lewis said. “I’m grateful that nobody got injured."

Police said they'd have new information on Friday, but they did not release any new details.

13 Action News called police to confirm the car from the standoff at North Durango and Westcliff is the same one as the car on the freeway, but  they did not return our call.


A fugitive refusing to surrender forced police to close a Las Vegas freeway for 4 hours.

Police says officers stopped the on Interstate 15 and St. Rose Parkway after a suspicious vehicle call around 7 p.m. Thursday.

Before the stop, a check of the license plates showed it was connected to a felony warrant.

At one point as police tried to stop the man, they say he drove the wrong way down the freeway.

During the standoff police say the man had a gas can inside the vehicle.

He eventually surrendered, but not before the freeway was closed from Cactus to Sloan for 4 hours.

Police said they will release more information Friday.