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Thieves placing fake orders, robbing Las Vegas pizza delivery drivers

Posted at 11:21 PM, Dec 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-14 17:32:24-05

Las Vegas police are warning businesses a group of armed robbers has been preying on pizza delivery drivers in the past week. 

The warning says the group has been working in the Northeast Area Command jurisdiction recently. Officers are reportedly reaching out to pizza parlors in the area and telling them about the scheme, they say starts with a fake order.

When the driver arrives at the address they say the men wait for the driver to return to the car and pull a gun, taking cash, phones and pizza.

Managers at Marco’s Pizza near Sahara Avenue and Nellis Boulevard immediately warned their drivers after seeing the notice.

"When police put out a warning that stuff is going on in the neighborhood," Scott Bohling, a delivery driver said of the message. "Now I have an awareness of what is going on in the community."    

Drivers say they have heard of their coworkers having guns pulled on them, but hadn’t heard of the robbery scheme. While they will be keeping their heads on a swivel, the drivers said they still have to pay their bills.

In the email, police say they are advising drivers to ask customers to get their pizzas at apartment complex offices instead of going to individual units.