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UPDATE: Action News digging deeper into Nevada's burglary epidemic

Report: Nevada ranks No. 3 for burglaries
Posted at 5:55 PM, Jul 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-22 02:37:13-04

LATEST:  13 Action News is digging deeper after a new report finds Nevada ranks No. 3 for burglaries nationwide.

"Your possibility of getting arrested and serving time for it is almost nonexistent," said 13 Action News Crime and Safety Expert and retired Las Vegas police Lt. Randy Sutton.

Sutton said the criminal justice system is overburdened by violent offenders so property crimes often take a back seat.

His advice is to personally take charge of the security surrounding your home. 

"Target hardening means making your home less accessible than the home right next to you," he said.

That entails ensuring you have a security system and strong locks.  Bright lights outside are also a good idea.


Nevada ranks No. 3 for burglaries nationwide, based off a new report.

SafeHome.org used the latest data from the FBI for the report and found the most commonly stolen items in the Silver State are jewelry and precious metals. But Nevada also ranked high for thefts of clothing, consumable goods, money, household goods, electronics and firearms.

Mississippi and New Mexico took the top two spots.