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Report: Father shot was upset over son's grades

Posted at 1:57 PM, Jan 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-19 19:02:56-05

A mother and son refused to perform CPR on their family member after he was shot in Henderson last week, according to the arrest report.

22-year-old Daron Clanton has been arrested in the death of his father, 54-year-old Kevin Clanton. The shooting occurred the morning of Jan. 11 in the 900 block of Pointed Pony Drive, near Whitney Ranch Drive and Patrick Lane.

Before the shooting, Daron and Kevin were having a fight when Kevin attacked his son, according to the report. Daron told police that his father wanted to see his college grades but he was unable to provide them since he had not been enrolled at UNLV any more.  

Daron told police that his father had pushed him against a book shelf several times. He eventually left the office and went to the master bedroom. He told police he got scared and grabbed a gun.

When Daron got back into the hallway, he told police his father was walking toward him and then shot several bullets at Kevin. According to the arrest report, Daron continued to shoot the gun until there was no more bullets to shoot. He had struck his father in the head and body.

According to the arrest report, the son made no attempt to run from his father as he was walking toward him and did not warn Kevin that he was going to shoot him. Daron also told police that his father was not armed at the time.

Daron was eventually booked on an open murder charge. There are no known charges filed against his mother.

This was the first homicide of the year in Henderson.