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UPDATE: Man told police he chased after people with car because they were throwing rocks

Posted at 5:40 PM, Sep 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-25 17:54:54-04

UPDATE SEPT. 25: A mug shot for Clay Green was released Monday.

According to his arrest report, as police took him into handcuffs, Green said people were attacking him and throwing rocks at his car. He said he was trying to run people over because they were throwing rocks.

When a police officer asked Green if he thought running over someone with his vehicle was OK due to them throwing rocks, he reportedly said, "Hell yeah, that's a show car!"

According to the arrest report, Green told the office it was not attempted murder and it was only "attempted vehicular manslaughter."

A woman who was among those that police said Green was trying to hit said that she didn't have a relationship with Green but that he knew her brother. She told police Green and her brother were having an argument before Green left.

When Green returned, four people were standing in the driveway when he stopped abruptly in the driveway nearly hitting those standing. The woman then started yelling at Green because she was pregnant and ran away from Green, who was still inside the vehicle.

She told police as Green drove in her direction, she hid behind a palm tree to avoid being hit. She added Green then drove onto the front yard of a nearby house, nearly hitting her again, before Green then drove through a fence.

Another woman helped Green who had fallen and they ran toward her Astro van. The pregnant woman didn't get in the van because she was afraid Green would hit it. The van had children inside.

The pregnant woman then asked a man in a Chevy Impala for help and tried to get inside the passenger side of the Impala before the Mustang hit the driver's side. The two then got out and ran to the Astro van before the van was hit.

After the incidents involving the Astro van and Impala, the woman then ran up toward Johnson Junior High with Green following her before his car got stuck in the bushes, according to the arrest report. School had just been released when the incident happened.

The pregnant woman had minor injuries to her legs and arms from falling while the female Astro driver had a possible broken arm from her vehicle being hit and the Impala driver had a minor injury. Both the Astro and Impala had major damage from being hit.

UPDATE SEPT. 23: The suspect involved was identified as Clay Green. He faces two counts of attempted murder and one count of battery with a deadly weapon.

UPDATE 9:30 P.M. SEPT. 22: An argument police called minor escalated into a driver going berserk, trying to mow down a woman outside a junior high school.

A man was arguing with a woman who went to pick up her little sister at Walter Johnson Junior High School, police said. The argument escalated. The man got into a Mustang and went on a rampage, trying to run over the woman.
The driver spun around, heading back up onto a curb, chasing people on the sidewalk. Cireena Landry, a student, watched.

“I was scared," Landry said. "It was crazy. It was tragic."
"I said this man is about to kill some people," said Rev. Dwight Grant, an eyewitness. "He came on the school premises, came back around and hit a van and a car."

Although the melee sent people scrambling, no one was hurt.

The Mustang finally crashed into a tree. Eyewitnesses tackled the driver.

"I toss him to the ground and out my knee on his neck," said Grant. "Every time he tried to get up, I would put more force on him."

Grant, a security guard with a delivery service, was at the school to pick up his granddaughter, Janay. Keeping her safe was his primary concern. "We have to protect our kids. If we don't who will?" asked Grant. "I'd rather risk my life to protect our children."

The Mustang driver appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, police said. He's charged with attempted murder.

Investigators said he driver has had prior run-ins. Police said they involuntarily committed him for psychiatric observation in the past.


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- A man is in custody on attempted murder charges after trying to run over a woman near a Las Vegas middle school Friday afternoon.

Police said around 3:40 p.m., the driver hit several cars near Walter Johnson Junior High School, which is located near Alta and Buffalo drives.

According to police, a woman and a man had some sort of minor argument earlier Friday. The woman was picking up her sister from the school when police said the argument escalated and the man tried to run over the woman.

Police said the man appeared to be under the influence of some substance but also has a history of mental health issues.

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