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UPDATE: Arrest report released for father accused of shooting son

Posted at 9:32 PM, Nov 29, 2016

LATEST UPDATE: The arrest report for the man accused of shooting his son was released on Dec. 1. According to the report, the father was trying to help his son get his life back on track. He had picked his son up from a homeless shelter a few days prior to the shooting.

Michael Gardenhire told people that he and his son would have frequent arguments in the past. He said that he and his son, who has been identified as 20-year-old Joshua Lee, got into an argument the night of the shooting. However, he claimed that he did not own a gun and did not remember shooting his son.

He also told police that he has memory issues related to depression and/or anxiety medicines that he takes. He also told police that there was no physical contact between him and his son prior to the shooting.

Police retrieved a .40 caliber handgun that was hidden in the apartment.

UPDATE: 49-year-old Michael Gardenhire has been arrested in this shooting. He was taken to Clark County Detention Center where he faces one count of open murder with a deadly weapon.


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- A father shot and killed his son at an apartment complex Tuesday night.

It happened at an apartment complex in the 7800 block of Rainbow Boulevard between West Robindale Road and West Windmill Lane. It was reported at 8:20 p.m.

Police were responding to another call at the complex when they heard three shots. The officers ran to where they heard the gunfire. Upon arrival, a man came out of an apartment and said that he shot his son.

An initial investigation revealed that the incident was domestic violence-related. The father was in his 50's, and the son was likely in his 20s.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Lieutenant Dan McGrath has a plea for anyone having family troubles.

"Please call somebody. Friends, family, a pastor... Someone didn't have to lose their life," he said.