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$750K bail for driver in crash that killed wife

Posted at 11:26 AM, Oct 12, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-12 14:26:26-04

UPDATE: Jesus Mendoza-Cabezas was in court Monday where his bail was set for $750,000. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Oct. 26 at 9 a.m. Attorneys said three of his kids are in Child Protective Services custody and also noted that Mendoza-Cabezas had a half a dozen DUIs on his record.


The arrest report in an alleged intentional crash indicates the driver never applied the brake as he drove his truck into his wife earlier this week.

Police reported the data recorder in the Chevrolet Avalanche driven by Jesus Mendoza-Cabezas also shows it was at full throttle for three seconds prior to the crash Monday that killed his wife, Gabriela Mendoza. The truck went through a wall and into a house at Russell and Lindell roads.

Mendoza-Cabezas told police that he had consumed two beers before receiving a call from his wife that her car had broken down near Russell Road and Valley View Boulevard. She had parked her car in a nearby gas station parking lot and began to walk to work, located at Jones Boulevard and Russell Road.

Mendoza-Cabezas arrived at Russell and Valley View and did not find Gabriella and drove up and down Russell trying to find her, according to the arrest report. Police said the couple argued on the phone and eventually Mendoza-Cabezas found his wife at Lindell and Russell.

He had been parked at that location and police said that's when he made the U-turn and drove directly into Mendoza and hit her. Mendoza-Cabezas told police the incident was an accident and that he pressed the gas pedal instead of the brake.

Mendoza-Cabezas initially fled after the crash before returning to the scene.

According to the arrest report, Mendoza-Cabezas and Mendoza had been married for about 20 years and had six children together.

Mendoza-Cabezas is now facing murder with a deadly weapon and driving under the influence charges.