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Ongoing dispute between neighbors leads to shooting on Sunday

Mug shot released for accused shooter
Posted at 4:49 PM, Jul 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-07 15:07:21-04

The arrest report has been released for the man accused of shooting his neighbor on July 2 at a residence on Cabby Bag Court in Rhodes Ranch.

According to the report, the problems between suspect 35-year-old Bryan McKinney and Jared Finley began several days before the shooting over a television.

Finely reportedly sold a television to McKinney, who took longer than expected to pay for it.

Then, McKinney's dog ran into Finley's garage and Finley yelled at the dog. McKinney allegedly became very upset and began yelling at Finley while brandishing a gun. However, the incident ended without further action.

After the shooting, McKinney fled the scene. He went to the home of the mother of a local police officer. The mother called her daughter and told her that McKinney was at her home. The police officer asked to speak to McKinney and she urged him to turn himself in.

He eventually agreed to do so and he was arrested without incident. Two other people were also taken into custody at the time but then released.

During an interview with the police, McKinney asked if Finley was OK and was told that he was alive and in surgery. McKinney, according to the arrest report, began crying and said he was glad.

McKinney told police that he has had numerous issues with his neighbor for several months and that Finley had reportedly threated McKinney and his family, including children, several times. During one of those times, Finley was sharpening long knives and swords in his driveway.

McKinney told polie on the day of the shooting that he had purchased food stamps from a neighbor. As he was leaving with his wife to go grocery shopping, Finley came out of his garage, swinging a metal dog chain, and yelling.

McKinney said this upset him because of past threats and erratic behavior. He left and drove to his brother's house. Once there he remembered he left some money at home. He and his brother, Ralph McKinney, went back to his house.

Once the pair arrived, McKinney retrieved the money. As he was walking back to his vehicle, he says that he say Finley and said the man gave him a look that he thought meant that Finley was going to harm him. He told police that Finley reached inside his vehicle and he thought that he was going for his gun. That is when McKinney pulled out his gun and fired 8 shots.

McKinney says that he intentionally shot Finley in the legs because he did not want to kill him and that he was acting in self-defense.

McKinney was arrested and charged with attempted murder with deadly weapon, battery with deadly weapon, battery causing substantial bodily harm, discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle and conspiracy to commit attempted murder.

He was booked into the Clark County Detention Center.