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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Neighbors fear 'suspicious woman' may be targeting holiday packages

Posted at 4:17 PM, Dec 13, 2016

People in one North Las Vegas neighborhood near Ann Road and 5th Street fear some missing holiday packages may be linked to, what they're calling, a suspicious woman who was recently caught on camera. 

The woman is seen in surveillance video waiting outside a door.  Then she's seen again outside the same house, but on a different day, wearing a different outfit.  

Surveillance video only catches her ringing doorbells so 13 Action News has blurred out her face.  

Neighbors believe she's been canvassing their neighborhood looking for packages. 

"She said she was looking for her cousin who has six kids," says one neighbor, Jami Connolly.

Connolly says she immediately thought the woman was acting suspicious. 

"She was kind of stumbling with her story," says Connolly, even though the woman appeared to give that same story several times. 

"I opened the door and she asked me about her cousin," says another neighbor, Robert Grimblot. 

Grimblot says he also thought the woman seemed suspicious.  

"I noticed she was trying to look over my shoulder into my house, so I took a step in and closed the door, so she could only see me," says Grimblot. 

Neighbors say they don't know for sure what this woman is doing in their neighborhood, but since porch pirates tend to increase during the holidays, they say they aren't taking any chances.