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Neighborhood fistfight caught on camera

Posted at 6:36 PM, Jan 29, 2016

A teenager contacted Action News, saying his 40-year-old neighbor attacked him, and now he's concerned that there hasn't been an arrest.  

His neighbor says the fight is the least of his worries.  

Surveillance video of the altercation on Thursday shows a heated exchange with the two neighbors, Jace Biddle and Sean Pierott.  

Biddle is concerned that Pierott wasn't arrested after throwing several punches.  

Pierott says there have been disputes between the neighbors for about a year, but it all came to a boiling point when the security cameras at the home where Biddle is staying were pointing towards Pierott's property.  

He says that is a violation of his privacy. "What they did was they took the camera and point it directly into my dining room window, where my children are, as we speak, doing their home study," says Pierott.  

Biddle says that was not their intention. "I'm sure it upsets him that it catches his backyard and front door, while getting ours too, but with how close our homes are, it shows both," says Biddle.  

Pierott took a shovel and swiveled the camera back onto the other property. That's when the argument started and punches were thrown.  

Police did issue Pierott a citation for battery, but there was no arrest because there were only minor injuries.  

Biddle says he thinks there should have been an arrest, but Pierott says he did what he had to do to protect his family.  

The fight will now continue in court.