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UPDATE: Naked man shot by officer was on LSD, marijuana and alcohol

Police released body-camera video of the shooting
Armed, naked man shot by police
Armed, naked man shot by police
Armed, naked man shot by police
Posted at 12:02 PM, Aug 05, 2017
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UPDATE AUG 8: The arrest report shows that the shooting took place Life Springs Christian Church at 2075 E. Warm Springs Road.

A caller told police that there was a naked man sitting in front of the church, which is also a school, with a gun. At the time there were students inside receiving tutoring. Employees told officers that the naked man was named Jason Funke and that he had been meditating in one of the church doorways with a gun laid out in front of him.

The employee had recognized Funke because he had once donated money to the church.

Funke told the employee that he was on LSD, marijuana, and alcohol and that he was suicidal. Funke then asked the employee if he was Jesus. After the employee said no, Funke reportedly told him that he could be of no help to him.

The employee decided to have the other adults in the church round up the children and move to a back room. When police officers arrived they established a perimeter around the building. Funke then stood up, picked up his handgun and walked to the front of the church.

Funke was instructed to drop his gun by the officers, which he originally complied with. When he was told to lie on the ground with his hands on his head, Funke decided to go back to his gun.

Officer Hatten was stationed on the perimeter with his rifle at the time and saw Funke run toward the gun. At that time he fired one shot at Funke, which struck him on his upper left shoulder. Funke fell to the ground and a K9 dog was able to grab him by the arm.

When officers moved to arrest Funke he repeatedly asked for them to "finish me."

Funke was transported to Sunrise Trauma where the bullet was removed during surgery. Back at the scene officers recovered Funke's clothing, which contained $30,000 in cash. Police also found that the gun had 9 bullets, 1 in the chamber, and the safety off.

Funke was officially arrested for possession of a dangerous weapon on property for school and indecent exposure 1st offense.

Police held a press briefing Tuesday afternoon regarding the incident. Watch below. WARNING: Content in the video may be graphic for some.

UPDATE AUG. 7: The officer involved in Saturday's shooting was identified as 42-year-old Mark Hatten, who has been with the department since January 2007. He has been placed on routine paid administrative leave.


The shooting of an armed, naked man in the parking lot of a church marks the 16th shooting involving a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer this year. 

The number surpasses the number of officer-involved shootings the agency investigated in all of 2016.

There were 16 officer-involved shootings during 2015 and 2014. 

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The most recent shooting this year occurred Saturday at a church on Warm Springs Road between Burnham and Eastern avenues. Witnesses told police an armed, naked man was found in the parking lot threatening to commit suicide.

Officers surrounded the parking lot and tried to talk with the man. He appeared to listen to police commands at first by setting down his handgun and moving away from it.

But around 11:30 a.m. he turned and ran back towards the gun on the ground. A K9 officer was sent to capture the man but was ineffective. One officer fired a round, striking the suspect.

The man was taken to the hospital where he is currently in stable condition. No officers were injured.

In 2012, the U.S. Justice Department recommended a long-list of reforms for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in regards to use-of-force practices. Earlier this year, the Justice Department applauded the agency for making "meaningful" improvements.