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Naked man found on interstate kidnapped, beaten

The incident happened earlier this year
Naked man found on interstate kidnapped, beaten
Posted at 7:49 AM, Aug 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-11 13:31:54-04

Warrants have been issued for two men and two women for kidnapping and beating the ex-boyfriend of one of the women.

The incident happened in March. Police received multiple calls about a naked man running on Interstate 15 near Sloan.

The man had bruises on his head, face and body. He also had a cut on his left thigh and an electrical cord was tied around his right forearm.

The victim said he had gone to the home of his ex-girlfriend, Candi Gilstrap, after an argument with his current girlfriend.

Gilstrap was living with Kody Cloutier, Megan Cordrey and James McKnight at the time.

The victim told police that Cloutier beat him with a bat, tied him up, put a pillowcase on his head and put him in a closet. During the time he was in the closet, someone he knew as "Becky" allegedly entered the closet and stuck a dildo in his mouth.

Next, he was stuffed into the trunk of a white Mustang and driven to the desert. Most of his clothes were cut off and he was told to run through the desert towards the interstate. The victim says that he heard 2 gunshots as he ran away. Police recovered shell casings, a pillowcase, and other items near the location the victim was dropped off.

During questioning, Cordrey told police that Gilstrap and Cloutier had been plotting all day before the incident to get the victim to come to the house. They allegedly talked about how they wanted to tie him up and beat him. Gilstrap was reportedly communicating with her ex-boyfriend by phone and text and told him that she missed him and wanted to see him. She also claimed that she left before anything happened.

She also claimed that McKnight was not involved in the kidnapping and what followed.

Police were able to gather several pieces of evidence including a dildo, several guns and ammunition, electrical cord, a wallet belonging to the victim and more.

Warrants for the suspects were issued on July 27. It is not clear if the suspects have been arrested.