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Man killed by NHP in custody hours before shooting

Posted at 4:00 PM, Mar 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-20 20:18:08-04

The man killed in an October officer-involved shooting was in police custody only hours before that shooting.  

Back in October, 28-year-old Javier Munoz went on a violent crime spree, where police say he stole two different cars before a Nevada Highway Patrol trooper shot him.  

According to police, Munoz had a criminal history in Arizona.

The day before the shooting, he was caught speeding in a school zone by Boulder City Police. While he was in custody, he admitted to being high on spice, meth and other drugs. Police say since he wasn't in custody for a violent crime, he was sent to the hospital.  

Munoz was released after a few hours, and that's when his crime spree began.  

A representative for the family is now wondering why he was ever allowed to leave. 

"If he was kept in police custody, when he self-admitted that he was under the influence of a lot of drugs, maybe this wouldn't have happened," says the appointed ombudsman, Carl Arnold.  

The trooper involved in the shooting may not have to face any criminal charges, according to a preliminary determination. A final decision will come from the District Attorney in the next couple weeks.