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UPDATE: Man's arm had to be surgically reattached after North Las Vegas sword attack

Posted at 3:31 PM, Sep 18, 2017

UPDATE SEPT. 19: According to the arrest report for suspect James McCanna, the victim's arm had to be surgically reattached after the sword attack.

Around 6:30 a.m. Sept. 4, Las Vegas police responded to a convenience store in the 4700 block of Rancho Drive, near Lone Mountain Road, in reference to a man who was injured. When they arrived, they found the man with his left arm "almost completely severed from his body" as he was bleeding profusely, according to police. The man was transported to UMC Trauma for treatment.

A witness told police that a man known as "Jimmy" had used a sword with a 3-foot blade to cut the victim's arm at a North Las Vegas residence. When officers responded to the residence, they saw apparent blood in the driveway that had been washed down with a hose.

Another witness said Jimmy was armed with a sword in the garage and told police the victim did not provoke Jimmy before he swung the sword at the victim and struck him. Jimmy then fled the scene.

Around 8:15 a.m. Sept 4, North Las Vegas police officers responded to a neighborhood where a sword was found on top of the bushes. The officers observed blood stains on the blade.

Early on Sept. 5, North Las Vegas police had spotted a man matching McCanna's description. When McCanna noticed officers, he fled the area at a high-rate of speed, about 100 miles per hour. Eventually police lost sight of him.

Earlier that night, a woman contacted police about Jimmy taking her vehicle.

Later on Sept. 5, North Las Vegas police responded to UMC Trauma and interviewed the victim, who said he was hit at least twice by the sword. He also told police his arm had be surgically reattached, which a nurse confirmed to police. She told police that the victim would suffer permanent nerve damage to his arm and left hand as a result of the injuries inflicted.

McCanna was eventually arrested in the incident on Sept. 16.


A man has been arrested for the attack on Sept. 4 that left another man in critical condition.

39-year-old James McCanna was arrested on Sept. 16.

Police say that the two men got into a fight in the 3400 block of Verde Way. McCanna allegedly pulled out a sword and struck the victim several times. He then fled the scene before officers arrived.

He was located near Centennial Parkway and Revere Drive on Sept. 15. He was booked into Las Vegas City Jail on charges of battering with use of a deadly weapon, mayhem with a deadly weapon and grand larceny auto.