Las Vegas law enforcement warn of creative new credit card fraud

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - Credit card fraud isn't a new crime, but Las Vegas law enforcement is saying criminals are getting more creative with how they steal your money.

A Las Vegas police officer who works closely with the FBI showed 13 Action News a box recovered from people committing credit card fraud at local casinos. The box was filled with skimming materials, including seals to make holograms on cards and camera bars that are placed over card readers.  

Officials say it's difficult for even them to identify an ATM that's been tampered with. So the best thing a card user can do is to keep track of their money. 

"Pay attention to your checking accounts," says the officer, whose identity has to be hidden. "If you see a $1 authorization at a gas station that you don't remember going to, that's how some of these people test their cards to make sure they work. They authorize fuel at a gas station."

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