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UPDATE: Local couple helps woman attacked, robbed while walking home

Posted at 7:37 AM, Mar 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-02 20:22:04-05

UPDATE ON MARCH 2: After the story aired about Amanda Bunora being attacked and robbed on her way home from a local 7-Eleven, we received quite a few offers of help for the victim.

One local couple met with Bunora on Wednesday and handed her an envelope with $500 inside.

Bunora lost her tax refund and rent money when she was robbed. She's also missed quite a bit of work while she has been recovering from being attacked. The money she received from the generous couple will definitely help Amanda get back on her feet.

The police are still looking for the man who attacked Bunora after watching her at her workplace. If you recognize the man, please contact the police.


A Las Vegas woman named Amanda Bunora says she is afraid to leave her home now after she was attacked while walking home from a 7-Eleven near her home.

It happened near Las Vegas and Oakey boulevards.

She walks to the 7-Eleven every day and didn't notice anyone watching her on the day that she was attacked.

She was only a few feet from her home when she was beaten to the ground and robbed.

Police say that the man they believed attacked Bunora was inside the 7-Eleven watching her before she was attacked.

They believe that he followed her with the intention of robbing her.

Bunora was carrying her tax return money at the time of the attack. The thief was able to steal several hundred dollars.

Bunora says that she's had to visit the hospital several times since the attack.

Her boyfriend is grateful that something worse didn't happen.

Police are encouraging anyone with information to call them.