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UPDATE: Man accused of shooting mother pleads not guilty

Posted at 8:56 AM, Jan 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-10 11:00:29-04

UPDATE MARCH 9: Jackson appeared in court today and entered a plea of not guilty.

UPDATE JAN. 17: The arrest report for William Cass Jackson has been released.

The incident began early Wednesday morning when Jackson knocked on his 63-year-old mother's door. William told her that they needed to resolve some issues. His mother told him to make it quick because she had to go to work.

When she tried to leave, Jackson pulled out a gun and pressed it against her chin and forehead. He allegedly told her that he was in charge and that she was going to do what he said.

Jackson then began to confront her about things in his life that he felt was her fault and about the fact that she did not help pay for college.

He then asked how much money she had in the bank and siad he was going to take it all. When she said she did not owe him anything, he reportedly said she was going to die if she did not do everything he told her to do.

Jackson forced his mother to access her bank account online to verify how much money was in there. After several hours, they left for the bank. When she walked into the bank, she made eye contact with a woman and mouthed the word "cops." She then took out money to give to him.

As they were walking out, she went into an office with a sliding glass door and closed it. She felt that if she went home with him, he would kill her. That is when he opened fire, hitting her 3 times.

Jackson ran out of the bank and two people followed. They called 9-1-1, gave a description and told dispatch where he was headed.

Officer Simmons arrived and saw Jackson in a parking lot. He ordered him to stop. Jackson pointed the gun at him and fired, according to the report. Simmons fired back. Jackson then began running away, firing twice. Simmons fired 2 more times.

Jackson eventually hid behind a car near a trash enclosure. He surrendered after a couple of hours.

He is facing charges of domestic battery of an older person, assault with a deadly weapon of an older person, kidnapping of an older person, burglary with a gun, carrying a concealed weapon, 5 counts of attempted murder, 3 counts of battery with deadly weapon causing substantial bodily harm to an older person, robbery, 3 counts of discharging a weapon in a structure and assault with deadly weapon of a protected person.

The police officer who shot at a man accused of shooting his mother outside of a local credit union has been identified.

His name is Michale Simmons, 51, and he has been with the department since July 2000.

Officer Simmons is assigned to the Spring Valley Area Command, Community Policing Division. He has been placed on routine paid administrative leave pending the outcome of a review of this incident.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department also held a press conference on Friday to discussed the incident. 32-year-old William Cass Jackson is accused of taking his mother to the bank at gunpoint and forcing her to withdraw $2,000. He reportedly shot her multiple times as she was running away.

During the press conference, they showed surveillance video of the shooting in the credit union.

When Officer Simmons arrived on the scene, he encountered the shooter in the parking lot. The man pointed his gun at the officer and Simmons fired. Jackson then took off running, firing twice at the officer. Simmons returned fire, discharging 2 more rounds.

Jackson continued to run until he reached a parking lot on South Rainbow Boulevard. He then barricaded himself behind a parked car near a trash enclosure. After 2 hours he surrendered.


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Jackson was granted $300,000 bail.