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Las Vegas police offering new program to combat crime

Posted at 6:07 AM, Dec 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-01 21:10:16-05

The holiday season is in full swing and Las Vegas police is providing a tool to help people defend themselves from thieves.

The program is called Vegas Safe Cam. The program is designed to use surveillance video to cut back on crime.

Las Vegas police got the idea from other cities across the county that have already rolled out the program and have found it to be successful so far in helping to solve crimes.  

"We'll know that you have a video system, and that you're willing to allow us to use it," says Assistant Sheriff Tom Roberts. "That will save us valuable time in canvassing a neighborhood. We can go directly to you and partner with you in solving a crime in your neighborhood." 

Right now, the biggest problem for many people are porch pirates who steal packages off of people's porches. These criminals will often follow delivery trucks or mail carriers to find out who is receiving packages.They will then steal the packages before the owner has a chance to retrieve them.

However, the program is designed to help fight all types of crimes.  

Police say a lot of times a homeowner, or a business owner, may have caught a crime or a suspect on camera, but didn't even know it. So that footage never gets to Las Vegas police and is never available for them to help solve a crime. This program hopes to change that.

The program is also open to local businesses. 

It is free to register for the program. Click here to find out more.