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Las Vegas man who called himself a sugar daddy arrested for stealing from ex-girlfriend

Posted at 3:39 PM, Jun 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-08 18:39:13-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A Las Vegas man who reportedly described himself as a “sugar daddy” has been arrested for stealing from one woman to pay bills for other women.

On Feb. 26, a woman completed a crime report at Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Spring Valley Area Command for use of a credit/debit card without cardholder consent.

The woman told police that she had received text message notifications from her bank that showed her ex-boyfriend had transferred money from her account via Facebook.

The woman contacted another woman whom she knew was dating Delponso and was told that the pair had just gone to dinner and Delponso used the woman’s Facebook account to transfer money.

During a police interview, the other woman told the police that Delponso contacted her through Instagram and described himself as a sugar daddy.

When they went out to dinner, he reportedly asked to use her phone even though he had his own.

Using her other phone, she was able to observe him requesting money from her account. The woman told the police that he did not pay her back.

Approximately a week later, the original woman received notification of a pending transaction. She immediately stopped payment. She then reached out to the name of the person who appeared on the transaction. She learned that woman had also been contacted by Delponso and he offered to pay bills for her.

Police contacted the woman and learned that Delponso had transferred almost $30,000 to the woman.

On April 3, the original woman contacted the police again because two new charges showed up on our banking app. Another woman’s name was listed on the transactions.

On April 7, the original woman also received a letter from her bank that someone attempted to open an account in her name.

Police were able to track down the 3rd woman. She said that Delponso contacted her through Facebook and offered to pay for her car and cell phone.

Police were also able to track down a 4th woman that Delphonso had sent money to. However, she was reluctant to speak to the police because she was afraid of Delphonso.

On June 2, Delponso was arrested. Police found a green spiral notebook in his possession labeled Estimated Body Count. It contained 160 names, including the women above.

Police were able to determine that Delponso used a Visa card belonging to the first woman on 20 separate occasions to pay various bills belonging to the other 3 women and himself. The total amount of these transactions was almost $44,000.

Delponso, who has been arrested before for similar actions, is facing several charges.