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Las Vegas locals teaming up in hopes of catching burglary suspect

Posted at 9:57 PM, Aug 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-23 02:33:40-04

Just hours after 13 Action News featured surveillance images of a burglar who was confronted by a Las Vegas homeowner, two other families reached out saying they caught the same man on their surveillance in different neighborhoods.

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One of those families says they've already started compiling the images and passing them on to police.

All three events were on the west side of the valley the homes involved were several miles apart.

"While we can see hey this guy looks the same in all our cameras until they can get them linked together it is hard for them to know they are linked together," Marianne Rands said.

Rands watched live on her surveillance system as the man entered her backyard and began peering through the window, even putting his ear to the door.

"I texted Marcia and said someone is peering in our window are you on that," Rands said. "She said I am already on the phone with 911."

The couple says the man never went into their home but once they posted the video online, others in the community let them know he looked like the same man who broke into a home near Desert Inn and Durango earlier in the week.

"At least from social media we are told there are at least two or three other cases," Rands said.

Police couldn't confirm the suspect was the same person in the cases, but the victims say they are confident.

13 Action News Crime and Safety Expert, retired Lt. Randy Sutton said it didn't appear from the Rands' video that it was the guy's first time.

Sutton pointing out the clues like the man wearing gloves and looking and listening for anyone inside the home.

"They don't want confrontations.  They just want to go in and steal people's stuff," Sutton said.

Sutton said there isn't anything you can do to keep someone out of your home if they are determined to get in, because there are so many entry points.

The retired officer said the most important thing is to delay any potential criminals.

"Burglars don't want to spend any more time than you have to, so you want to make it less of an attractive target," Sutton said.

When it comes to protecting yourself, here are a few tips from local police:

  • Lock your doors
  • Set alarms if you have them
  • Use timers on lights and radios to make it appear someone is home
  • Hide valuables (most criminals are looking for cash, guns or jewelry)
  • Consider getting a small safe you can mount to the wall or ground
  • Work with your neighbors to watch for suspicious activity
  • Consider security systems that allow you to communicate with anyone who approaches your home.

Police also say anyone who notices suspicious activity in their neighborhood should call 311 to report their concerns.