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Jury selection kicks off in Strip shooting case

Posted at 8:02 PM, Oct 13, 2015
UPDATE: Selection continued on Tuesday. Attorneys are working to narrow the pool down to 16.
Jury selection is now underway in the death-penalty trial of Ammar Harris.
He's accused of killing three people in a shooting and fiery crash on the Las Vegas Strip in 2013.
Ammar Harris and his security detail of officers were only in court at the regional justice center long enough for him to say he didn't want to be present for the first day of jury selection.
Harris is accused of shooting from a Range Rover into a Maserati in February of 2013, killing the aspiring rapper behind the wheel. The sports car slammed into a taxi, which burst into flames killing the driver and a tourist.
While Harris didn't spend much time in court for jury selection, Tehran Boldon did.
He's the brother of the Michael Boldon, the taxi driver killed in the crash. He wasn't surprised Harris didn't stick around.
"I understand he probably want to hid under a rock and that was the first time I'd seen him with out hand cuffs and in civilian clothes, it just kind of brought it all home that he's a person but he's a person that was responsible for my brother's death," said Boldon.
Harris is already serving 16 years to life for on a separate rape and robbery charge plus five more years for bribing a prison guard to get cell phones and other contraband.
Boldon has been in court every step of the way but this trial is what he's been waiting for.
"It's been about two years and eight months and everyday has been tough because there are daily reminders of my brother. He was a loving, very loving family member," explained Boldon.
Boldon says he'll respect whatever decision the jury reaches.
"I hope the jury takes all the evidence into consideration and comes to a verdict and that there's no problems with the jury and that everything goes smoothly," said Boldon.
During the first day of jury selection, 15 potential jurors qualified. Thirty four potential jurors will be qualified to pick 16 jurors for the case.
Jury selection is expected to last three days and the whole trial about five weeks.