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REPORT: Las Vegas police officer recorded man being forced to eat gummy bears

Posted at 5:34 PM, Mar 12, 2019

UPDATE MARCH 15: According to an arrest report, 29-year-old Rachel Sorkow used her position as a police officer to look up criminal history and other personal information of individuals to benefit herself or other people on at least 19 occasions. The information was usually requested by friends who wanted to know if potential girlfriends or boyfriends had a criminal history.

She also looked up information for another female police officer who believed her ex-boyfriend had stolen her car. That police officer then used the information to confront the ex-boyfriend at his home.

Additionally, 7 videos were discovered on Sorkow's phone during an investigation that were recorded by Sorkow while she was on duty.

In the videos, Sorkow would order individuals she encountered to perform various acts which she recorded and shared.

In the first instance, Sorkow can be heard directing a "mentally ill" man dressed in women's clothing to twerk. She also tells him to show her how to "Superman." Afterwards, Sorkow sent the video to 3 people. In one message, she referred to the man as a "shim," which is a transphobic slur.

In another video, Sorkow recorded a man in handcuffs being made to eat gummy bears by another police officer. Skorkow can be heard saying "Partners with the community, feeding criminals gummy bears."

"Partners with the Community" is painted on all of the department's marked patrol cars.

During the third incident, Sorkow recorded a conversation with a woman in the back of a patrol car. Sorkow asks the woman what she loves and the woman responds she loves donuts and brownies and describes how she likes to eat them.

Sorkow then asks the woman if she has ever thought about going on a reality TV show about being overweight. She then directs the woman to pull down her pants to expose her stomach and asks if she got the stomach because of the donuts.

In another video featuring the same woman, Sorkow asks the woman if she breast feeds. The woman responds she does not but begins rubbing her right breast and says that she has the "boobs to do it."

These two videos were sent to at least 8 people.

In the 4th incident, Sorkow was responding to a call about a male exposing himself in front of a convenience store.

After taking the man into custody, Sorkow recorded 3 videos. In the first video, the man is standing in front of a patrol vehicle with his hands behind is back when Sorkow yells at him to "do that again." The man raises his right leg and kicks the car. Because of a rip in his jeans, the man's genitals were exposed and clearly visible to Sorkow and anyone else in the area.

Sorkow can be heard giggling while zooming in with her cell phone, according to the report.

In the 2nd video, Sorkow can be heard instructing the man who is now in a patrol vehicle to show her "how to dougie." She also recorded a conversation with him that contained racial slurs.

In the 3rd video with the same man, Sorkow and the man have a conversation about the size of his genitalia.

Sorkow sent the videos to various friends, family members and police officers.

The videos were accompanied by text messages that indicated that she was amused by what she recorded. Sorkow also repeatedly defended the recording of the videos during an interview with detectives, saying they were funny and there was no malicious intent.

In addition, Sorkow is accused of sharing photos that she took while investigating a child neglect case with one of her friends. One of the photos showed dead rats inside a residence. She also shared screenshots of the incident crime report, which contained personal information.

According to Las Vegas Review-Journal, Sorkow plans to fight the charges and a preliminary hearing has been scheduled for June 10.

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- Las Vegas police announced the arrest of one of their own on Tuesday.

LVMPD patrol officer Rachel Sorkow was booked into the Clark County Detention Center and facing numerous charges including misconduct of a public officer.

Detectives learned that on multiple occasions, Sorkow used criminal justice information systems and shared that information to unauthorized people, according to authorities.

The agency also reported that videos were recorded on a personal phone that violated department policy with one such video including the private area of a person which was taken without that person knowing.

Sorkow was taken into custody and faces additional charges of capturing the image of the private area of another person and indecent exposure.

Detectives were first made aware of an investigation in September 2018 with Sorkow relieved of her duty with pay on Dec. 4, 2018, while the investigation was ongoing.