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Home invasion reported near Lake Mead, Jones

Posted at 7:09 PM, Dec 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-21 22:09:50-05
A Las Vegas family is still shaken after a truly bizarre home invasion near Lake Mead and Jones Boulevards. It happened around two o'clock Monday morning.
The homeowner said the would-be robber broke into the house and headed straight to the bathroom.
"My husband was getting up to go to work and it was roughly about two and he goes to the bathroom and there's a gentleman in the bathroom taking a poop," explained Kathleen, who didn't want to use her last name.
According to Kathleen he got into the home through an open back door.  Before he let himself in and headed to the restroom, Kathleen says he took off his shoes and left them outside.
While the circumstances now strike her as funny, Kathleen said the break-in was terrifying. Kathleen, her husband and their two children, ages ten and six, were all at home asleep at the time.
"It's like you feel invaded," explained Kathleen.
She says her husband did what he had to do to protect the family. He held the crook against the wall and threatened him with a gun.
"He's like look  dude, I'm not messing around here, do not come back. He points over to the couch and he shoots two shots and drags him out of the house"  said Kathleen of how her husband handled the situation.
All the while, the suspects shoes were still by the back door.
"He kept saying also, 'where are my shoes? Can I get my shoes?' and he even attempted to try to come back and get his shoes," said Kathleen
She said the the would-be robber eventually took off on a bicycle before police arrived.
"I guess it's the new eco way of robbing," joked Kathleen about his mode of transportation. 
Kathleen said in the future, the family will always keep the back door lock and she plans to get a security system with cameras.