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UPDATE: Bishop Gorman reinstates head coach Kenny Sanchez

Posted at 10:14 AM, May 05, 2017


Bishop Gorman High School has lifted the suspension of head coach Kenny Sanchez.

In an official statement, Bishop Gorman High School confirmed today that Mr. Kenny Sanchez will return to his duties as a Dean of Students and head football coach.

The Court took into consideration the evidence presented during the legal proceedings where it found Mr. Sanchez not guilty and that he had been “falsely accused.”

Allegations of this nature are extremely serious and are not something that we take lightly. The Diocese of Las Vegas conducted a thorough internal review and had an opportunity to meet with Mr. Sanchez.

“As a result of our meeting, the Court’s findings, and our internal review, BGHS has lifted the suspension of Mr. Sanchez and he will resume his responsibilities as a Dean of Students and head football coach at Bishop Gorman,” said John A. Kilduff, President of Bishop Gorman High School.

With this ordeal behind them, the Bishop Gorman Gaels will pursue another mythical high school football National Championship.


The ex-girlfriend of suspended Bishop Gorman High School football head coach Kenny Sanchez, brother of UNLV head coach Tony Sanchez, is recanting her story of domestic abuse.

According to an affidavit released on May 4, Brooke Jade Stewart has admitted to fabricating her original story of Sanchez assaulting her on Christmas Day of 2016. 

“Contrary to my report to the police, Kenny simply came over on Christmas to pick up [their son] and left without any physical altercation,” Stewart wrote. “He never punched, pushed, scratched or grabbed me on December 25, December 17,  or any other time.

It is my desire that no further action is taken against Kenny Sanchez based upon my actions.”

Stewart emailed Sanchez's lawyer, Ross Goodman, and alerted him that she had already met with the prosecutor on the case.

“With my history of being on anti-depressants on and off for four years, I made a bad judgment call and made up allegations of domestic violence against Kenny,” Stewart said. “I’m sorry and embarrassed for my actions. He does not deserve this and is a great father.”

It is still unknown whether these statements will be enough for Sanchez to regain his post as Bishop Gorman head football coach but the prosecutor in the case, Lisa Luzaich, plans on continuing to pursue the case.