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Family shaken after car was stolen from closed garage in Desert Shores home

Posted at 7:46 AM, Apr 17, 2017

A resident of the Desert Shore community is extremely concerned by a recent uptick in crime in the area.

The man, Dimitry, and his family were asleep upstairs in their home when their garage was broken into and their car was stolen.

"It's only a car," says Dimitry Denisoa.  "But I never thought it could happen to me." 

According to Crime Mapping, another car was broken into just days before Dimitry's was stolen, and it happened just down the street from him. 

Dimitry is urging his neighbors to up their security and be on alert for possible copycat incidents.

"It's a nice neighborhood, a beautiful place," says Dimitry Denisoa.  "But it's supposed to be secure as well, not just nice and beautiful."