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Family rattled after woman seen creeping around home

Posted at 7:04 PM, Apr 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-05 12:38:04-04

A husband, wife, and their three kids were sound asleep in their house near Lone Mountain Road and the 215 beltway. But outside, a stranger was making herself at home.

Jim and his wife, Reese, woke up to find disturbing footage caught on their home surveillance system Saturday morning.

The footage shows a woman checking out the front of the property. She then moves to the backyard, where she tries to open at least two locked doors into the home, looks through windows, and makes her way into a parked trailer.

Over the course of an hour, the woman nonchalantly walks around, takes pictures of the lawn furniture, and finally leaves the property with a rat trap. 

The footage was beyond disturbing for Reese, who says her three kids were sound asleep just past the doors.

"It was really unnerving to know that she could've come in a door if it was unlocked," she said.

13 Action News shared the footage with our Crime and Safety Expert, retired police Lt. Randy Sutton. He says the woman's behavior was nothing short of bizarre.

"She spent an inordinate amount of time walking around the backyard, trying doors and then actually entering one of the structures in the back," he says. "When she did that, she actually committed a burglary."

Now the family says they're on edge - surprised to think something like this could happen in their neighborhood.

"We're going to be keeping a better eye on the neighborhood," says Jim. "And believe me, we're paying a little more attention to our cameras now."

Las Vegas police told the family on Wednesday by phone that the woman would not only face charges of trespassing, but also one felony charge of burglary.