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Family of murdered Henderson couple coping with loss by reaching out to the community

Posted at 11:41 PM, Oct 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-27 09:41:56-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — It’s been more than a year since a couple was killed in a Henderson home and now family members are talking about how they're coping with their loss.

"My brother and sister were taken in October, " said Shane McComb. "This day forward, in days coming and years past, we are always going to remember it for the heartache."

McComb hosted a community fundraiser in honor of his brother Robin McComb and Robin’s longtime girlfriend Mellisa Mason.

Mellisa was so close to the family that Shane's mother, Betty, loved and treated her as if she were her own daughter. Betty wears their pictures on a chain around her neck along with a note she wrote about how much she misses them.

“I wish it hadn't happened, " Betty said. "Why did he have to try…why did he do that to my kids? They were good nice kids. They didn’t do anything to him. "

They were found dead in their Henderson home last October.

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Police were just in the beginning stages of investigating their deaths before 36-year-old Roger Tindell was captured in southern California.

He was wounded in a shootout after a high-speed chase that police say he livestreamed on Facebook. The FBI had been trying to track him down as suspect in Robin and Melissa's murder.

While he is in custody in California, the McComb’s decided rather than agonizing over when they will get their day in court here in Nevada they would rather use that energy to help others.

"If I'm not getting closure there is others out there who is grieving and who is hurting,” said Shane. “So, I want to bring the community back together so we can find the support that we need.”

The Halloween themed fundraiser had activities for children, music and art and hopes to help raise awareness about mental illness.

“I want kids to learn that life is beautiful,” said Jordan Dobbs. “And that every day is beautiful. Take another chance and keep going and never stop."

"Instead of focusing on the heartache; I'm taking that hate and I'm flipping it to love and passion,” said Shane. “I'm giving back instead of focusing on it."