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UPDATE: Neighbors relieved after police arrest suspect in 2004 sexual assault case

Posted at 6:04 PM, Oct 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-14 03:03:32-04

UPDATE: 13 Action News tracked Brandon McGuire’s name to an apartment complex along West Charleston Boulevard, near Jones Boulevard. 

McGuire was arrested earlier this week in 2004 sexual assault case.

13 Action News talked to his neighbors. Some of the women who live there are shaken up.

Sheri O’Malley couldn’t believe it.
“It’s a little creepy,” O’Malley said. “Very, very scary, very unreal.”
Police arrested McGuire earlier this week. O’Malley said McGuire lives in the apartment right above the one she shares with her husband and their newborn son.
“You just never know about people these days,” O’Malley said.
Police picked up McGuire earlier this year on a domestic violence charge. Investigators matched his DNA to a 1998 murder and the sex assault.
Police said in 2004 McGuire drove a woman to the Mount Charleston area and attacked her at knifepoint.
“That’s shocking," said Sarah Smith, who added that McGuire appeared to be a good neighbor. “He always seemed like such a nice gentleman.”
Deanna Hudson said she can breathe a little easier knowing a man accused of such brutal crimes is off the street.
“My heart is racing right now. I’m thankful he’s been caught,” Hudson said.
So far, McGuire is only charged with the sexual assault. Police have not charged him with murder. That could come later.
Police told 13 Action News this case is part of an effort to clear up a decades-long backlog in rape-kit tests. 


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- Las Vegas police have made an arrest in a 2004 sexual assault based off DNA evidence.

42-year-old Brandon McGuire was arrested Wednesday on sexual assault charges. Police said the victim in the 2004 case accepted a ride from the suspect who then drove her to the Mount Charleston area where she was sexually assaulted at knifepoint.

In 2012, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Forensic Lab linked a 1998 homicide and a 2004 sexual assault based on DNA. Both of these crimes were recently assigned to cold case detectives.

On Monday, a search of the local DNA Index System database matched a Nevada arrestee to these DNA profiles. With this new information, detectives were able to develop probable cause to arrest McGuire in the 2004 sexual assault.  

The 1998 homicide investigation is still ongoing at this time.