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Business, homeowner find perfect circle cut into glass

Posted at 7:01 AM, Apr 05, 2017

A new kind of home break-in looks like something out of a spy movie.

A perfect circle was cut into the glass of a business near Maryland Parkway and Pebble Road. The same marking was found on a home in Mountain's Edge.

In both cases, the owners think someone was trying to get inside. Experts say to make these kinds of cuts you would need a glass cutter and a bit of practice.

"It's not the local kids," said John Perdichizzi from ASAP Security. "It's probably a career criminal or someone that's doing this."

Police told us the markings are pretty rare and nothing was taken in either incident.

Perdichizzi says that glass break sensors offer extra protection. You can also install security films, which make it harder to break windows.