UPDATE: Ex-Burger King employee was convicted for making threats before Las Vegas incident

Man wanted his job back

UPDATE JAN. 25: A former Burger King employee threatened to shoot the place up because he wanted his job back, according to his arrest report. 

A current manager told police that Steven Ramirez threatened another manager earlier in the day, and he returned to the business stating he had a firearm. The manager told police that Ramirez had stated, "I could shoot the whole place up if I want, I have a rifle in my backpack right now."

The manager then offered Ramirez food and drink in an attempt to calm him down and said he could talk about his job with the general manager. 

According to his arrest report, Ramirez had an active protection order and was prohibited from possessing or purchasing a firearm. He was also an ex-felon for grand theft in 2001, stalking in 2013 and threatening crime with intent to terrorize in 2013, all in California. 

UPDATE 7 P.M. JAN. 17: Police are praising a manager's quick thinking as the reason officers were able to quickly arrest an employee at a local Burger King Tuesday night.

According to police, once Steven Ramirez threatened to shoot up the Burger King near Cheyenne and Rainbow, the manager on duty immediately called police.

"That manager took that threat very seriously and did exactly what that manager should've done," said retired Las Vegas police Lt. Randy Sutton.

Sutton said many people aren't quick enough to take threats seriously, but this situation is a reminder that if you see something you should say something.

 "If an individual is going to make a threat, take a threat seriously," Sutton said.

Police said after the manager called police, an on-duty sergeant was able to talk the manager through evacuating the restaurant. Police were eventually able to enter the business and talk Ramirez down in just 30 minutes.


Police arrested a local Burger King employee on Tuesday night after he threatened to “shoot the place up” if his hours were not increased.

The 33-year-old man’s hours had recently been reduced and came to the restaurant to speak to a manager. Police responded to a call from the restaurant at 8:24 p.m. Upon arrival, they evacuated 6 employees and 4 customers out of a back door.

A team of officers, led by a sergeant, took the man into custody. A 30-round magazine with 15 bullets for a gun was found in his pocket.

After obtaining a search warrant, police also found a partially disassembled semi-auto rifle and a machete in the man’s backpack.

The man was placed under arrest. He has been identified as Steven Ramirez. He is being held at Clark County Detention Center on charges of carrying a conceal weapon without permit, carrying concealed machete without permit and owning/possessing a gun by prohibited person.

The Burger King is located near Cheyenne Avenue and Rainbow Boulevard. 

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