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UPDATE: Mug shots released for men accused in arson, homicide

Posted at 10:11 PM, Aug 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-16 20:26:16-04

An arrest report reveals new details in a double homicide and arson last fall.

A valley family was bound, beaten and stabbed before being set on fire near Sherrill Avenue and Lamb Boulevard Nov. 16. Hakim Jones, Darrin Wilder, and Malik Watson have been arrested and charged for the crime.

All three are facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder, open murder with deadly weapon, attempted murder with deadly weapon, kidnapping of a minor, kidnapping 1st degree, arson 1st degree, robbery with deadly weapon and burglary with deadly weapon.

The three suspects were arraigned on Tuesday.

Investigators believe the Jimenez family was connected to a cartel in Mexico. Mario Jimenez was allegedly selling narcotics to gang members in Philadelphia.

In return for the drugs, Jones' alleged gang buddies would send payment back. But just days before the fire, police said the men in Philadelphia began refusing the packages after they realized law enforcement was watching.

Jimenez was out thousands of dollars with his girlfriend saying he wanted his money. According to the arrest report, he told Jones, "I'm not gonna do nothing to you all but the people in Mexico is. Get this money or I'll give them your address."

Later during the attack, Jones allegedly said, "You can't keep threatening us... and we not get you first."

The report says three men, including a valley father, arrived that November morning. The Jimenez family opened the door, seeing Jones, a man they had allegedly known for more than a decade.

About two minutes later, the beating and stabbing began before gasoline was poured and the fire was ignited. There were four adults inside with one pulled out of the shower naked.

Ultimately, Mario Jimenez and his daughter Angelica died. A 71-year-old man survived with serious stab wounds and burns; a woman is still being treated for severe burns; and a neighbor rescued a 10-month-old girl who police said was put outside the house before the fire.

Investigators believe the gang members owed money to the Jimenez family. When the Jimenez family upped the pressure, mentioning possible payback from the cartel, the gang members then attacked.