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UPDATE: Property owner denies cockfighting ring to police, says roosters are 'kind'

Posted at 2:38 PM, Jan 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-01 18:03:27-05

UPDATE FEB. 1: An arrest report for Pablo Castellanos, who claimed ownership of the property, provided more details about the incident. 

When police arrived, 30 to 40 people fled but Castellanos offered to show officers the property. During a search of the property, an animal control officer noticed signs of cockfighting such as roosters with their wattles and combs removed and spurs shaved, metal spurs and cages to prepare roosters for fighting.

A search of the property found 332 game fowl that were alive while 19 were found deceased. More products that could be used for cockfighting were also discovered, including boxing muffs and tethers.

Angel Alcala-Sanchez Jr. told police that he came with his father, Angel Sr., around 7:30 a.m. to attend a cockfight with it starting at 10 a.m. He estimated that about 50 people were present for the fights. 

However, his father told police that they hadn't arrived until 10 a.m. and came to have tacos, not aware of any cockfighting. According to the arrest report, Angel Sr. said his son was confused. 

The owner of the property, Castellanos, told police he sells the roosters, mostly to people in Mexico, and they were not fighting roosters and called them "kind." He also said he didn't know why large groups of people regularly showed up on his property. 

Meanwhile, Erasmo Fallad told police that Castellanos was a referee for three fights he witnessed Sunday and paid a fee to watch the cockfight. He did say he initially came to the residence for tacos. 

Fallad was arrested on one count of instigating or attending fights between birds, as were Angel Alcala-Sanchez Jr. and Angel Alcala-Sanchez Sr.

Castellanos was arrested on 19 counts of willful/malicious torture/maim/kill dog/cat/animal, one count of commission of certain acts concerning place kept or used for baiting or fighting birds and one count of instigating or attending fights between birds.


On Sunday, Jan. 28 at approximately 10:28 a.m. a call tipped officers off to animal noises coming from the backyard of a property in the 4700 block of Judson Avenue, near Carey Avenue and Nellis Boulevard.

Officers arrived at the scene and found over 400 animals on the property.

A total of 440 roosters were seized by animal control and taken to the Animal Foundation during the raid.  An additional 20 roosters were found dead at the scene.

Angel Alcala-Sanchez Sr., Angel Alcala-Sanchez Jr., Pablo Castellanos, and Erasmo Fallad were all charged in connection with the cockfighting ring in  North Las Vegas.