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UPDATE: 3 people arrested for shooting in North Las Vegas park

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Posted at 11:34 AM, Feb 22, 2021

FEB. 23 UPDATE: According to a newly-obtained arrest report, a third person was arrested for the recent shooting at a North Las Vegas park.

The report says that Gabriel Lundquist was also in the park bathroom and was involved in the fight on Feb. 9.

The report indicates that the gun used in the shooting was owned by Lundquist and that he gave it to the 15-year-old girl after the shooting and asked her to hide it. Additionally, Lundquist reportedly told the girl to tell police if asked that she shot the victim or that the victim had tried to rob Lundquist in the bathroom.

During a police interview, Lundquist initially told police that he had stopped to use the bathroom in the park while on his way to nearby tunnels.

He claimed that a “curly haired kid” came into the bathroom and grabbed his gun while he was using the urinal. He said the two of them began fighting over the gun until he regained control and shot the victim.

When confronted with inaccuracies in his story, Lundquist told the police that the girl believed the victim had some money and made arrangements to meet him at the park.

When the victim walked into the bathroom, Lundquist said he pointed the gun at him and said “Do you want to die?” The two then began struggling over the gun.

Lundquist was arrested and transported to the North Las Vegas Community Corrections Center. He is facing charges for attempted murder with a deadly weapon, attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, carrying a concealed weapon and conspiracy.

Although police did not release Lundquist's age, it is believed he is also a teenager.

NORTH LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- Two teenagers are being charged with attempted murder after an 18-year-old male was shot on Feb. 9 at a park in North Las Vegas.

The injured man, who was shot in the shoulder, was taken to the University Medical Center after the shooting. He told police that he had gone to the park to meet a 15-year-old girl who reportedly wanted to buy marijuana from him.

While at the park, the man who was shot went to the bathroom where he encountered 16-year-old Jordan Neuman. During a fight, the 18-year-old was shot.

A witness told police that one of the people at the park who may have been involved with the shooting had a distinct limp. The witness was able to describe that person's clothing.

It was discovered that a young male had gone to Centennial Hills Hospital the day before with an accidental gunshot wound. That person was reportedly wearing the same clothing as one of the people at the park.

The 15-year-old girl reportedly admitted she went to the park with Neuman to rob the person with the drugs.

Both Neuman and the girl are facing charges of attempted murder with a deadly weapon, attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, and conspiracy to commit robbery.