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13 Inexpensive Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

Posted at 11:14 AM, Nov 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-14 14:14:08-05

These are all suggestions and not ways that are guaranteed to keep your home safe. Many home safety experts would still recommend having a security or alarm system.

1. While real security cameras are good, dummy cameras can also deter burglars.

2. This brings us to the next tip. Get stickers that show you have a security system when you do not.

3. Beware of dog, even if you don't have a dog. While some burglars will still go into homes with a dog, some will avoid the house altogether.

4. Get light timers for indoor lights to make it appear like you're home when you're not. Turning on the radio or other sound also makes it sound like someone is home.

5. Motion sensors for outdoor lights can work both when you're at home or on vacation. It immediately brings attention to an intruder.

6. Put vacation holds on newspaper subscriptions and mail while you're out of town so it doesn't start building up on your porch or stoop.

7. Have a neighbor, family member or friend watch out for your house while you're away, even if just for a day.

8. While burglars can still get it by breaking a window, you make it more difficult for them by putting a stick or bar in the window to make the door harder to open.

9. Make sure all windows and doors are locked when you're not there or asleep. Yes, it sounds like common sense but there are frequent burglaries where the doors or windows are unlocked.

10. Get extra layers of protection on doors like deadbolts, chain locks or slide bolt locks. There are also door stops with alarms on them.

11. Close the blinds and curtains when you're not at home or sleeping. You don't want potential criminals seeing what they could take from your home.

12. Landscape in a way that makes it difficult for intruders to get in but not so easy for them to hide.

13. Put valuables in unlikely places so it's harder for thieves to find. You could also buy a small safe, adding another layer burglars have to go through to get to the items.