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Coyotes sightings in Las Vegas put residents on edge

Posted at 7:09 PM, Nov 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-07 09:43:12-05

Coyote sightings are putting residents in the northwest part of the valley on edge.

They are so freaked out and afraid for their safety. In the area of El Capitan Way and Gilmore Avenue, some coyotes were caught on camera and some caught homeowners by surprise.

For days, neighbors have been spotting these predators. Last night, Elizabeth Henry's family woke up to coyotes howling. “The coyotes, they were a pack of about 4 to 5 coyotes behind our house,” says Henry.

“It's very nerve-racking living here at night knowing that there is nothing that we are able to do if anything at all.”

Other neighbors with pets say, they are concerned. Rachel Dougherty has a pet dog.

“I do have neighbors with cats and little dogs and that makes me very nervous for them. A coyote vs. a Chihuahua isn’t any challenge.”

Neighbors are now taking precautions.

“If you live in El Capitan Ranch please leave your animals in and kids. If you live in the back area of El Capitan Ranch definitely walk your kids to school,” says Henry.

Doug Nielsen of the Department of Wildlife says they often get phone calls about coyotes. If you encounter one, he says, “You definitely don't want to run. You got to remember that they are a predator and running like with a cat or something will induce that natural predatory instinct to chase.”

He says simply seeing a coyote is not cause for alarm. But if it becomes aggressive, call the wildlife department. “If they do have a coyote that's standing its ground. If it's being hazed and refusing to leave. Let's say somebody sprays it with a hose and it stands its ground, then that's when a phone call should be made,” says Nielsen. You can call the Wildlife Department at (702) 486-5127.