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Couple says Las Vegas honeymoon turns into nightmare because of rental car company

Posted at 12:34 AM, Aug 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-25 03:33:48-04
A Washington state couple is experiencing a honeymoon nightmare in Las Vegas and they’re blaming their rental car company.
The couple was trying to take a trip from Las Vegas to Phoenix to see their kids when their car shut off on the highway.
Ashley and Alex Mowry expected their honeymoon week to be one of the best weeks of their lives but instead it’s turned into nothing but heartbreak.
“Stress and devastation,” Ashley said.
Ashley’s kids live in Phoenix. She figured it would be the perfect time for a road trip to see the kids that Ashley hasn’t seen in five years. But Ashley and Alex were forced to think again when their rental car shut down on them in the middle of the highway.
“We get 50 miles from Phoenix, passing a semi, on the freeway, and the car just dies,” Ashley said.
Alex threw the car into neutral, pulled over into the shoulder, and popped the hood. The couple thought the car must have overheated. But actually, the rental car company, Global Autos, turned off the car.
“We weren’t told anything about not being able to leave the state,” Ashley said. “It’s not written in the contract anywhere that we can’t leave the state.”
13 Action News went to Global Autos Cash Car Rentals to ask about what happened.
A man named Andy with Global Autos said you must pay a $300 deposit to leave Las Vegas and the Mowrys only paid a $205 deposit. The Mowrys said they were never informed of that even though they said they were going to Phoenix.
The Mowrys also pointed out the terms and conditions don’t say anything about a deposit. Instead, the terms and conditions actually say you are allowed to leave Nevada to go to Arizona, California, Idaho, Utah and Oregon.
“They never once said that we could not leave the city of Las Vegas,” said Ashley Mowry.
Global Autos turned the Mowrys rental vehicle back on with the expectation that they must drive back to Las Vegas immediately. Now, the Mowrys are out $675 and never got to see their children.

A GoFundMe has been set up for the couple.