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Couple loses RV in fire, blames storage facility

Posted at 6:24 PM, Apr 12, 2016
A couple who lost their RV in a fire is now blaming the storage facility where it happened.
Ralph and Teri Corral had a rental agreement with Storage at Summerlin on West Lake Mead Boulevard, near Tenaya Way, to park their RV in Space 14.
A fire Saturday that destroyed 37 vehicles and caused $2.5 million in damage took the Corral's RV with it. 
It was in Space 134.
We weren't able to get in touch with the facility owner to ask him why the vehicle wasn't in its assigned space.
For the newlywed Corrals, the RV was their life and their future.
"We were going to take off in the RV, have our honeymoon and enjoy life," Teri Corral said.
The couple says the day they signed their rental agreement, someone else's car was in their spot.
They say someone in the office told them to park somewhere else temporarily, and they would call when it was ready to be moved back. The Corrals never got a call from the facility.
They're now exploring their options for a possible breach of contract lawsuit. 
The Corrals have insurance on the RV.